Asia Link Broking Pty Ltd works closely with a select group of importers of textiles, apparel and promotional products.
We are the LINK – the critical and continuous link - between supplier and importer.

The internet is rapidly changing traditional trading methods, however....
Google “Baseball Caps+China” – you get 1.1 million hits! Google “Polo Shirts+China” – you get 1.6 million hits!

Where do you start? How long will it take to narrow down the list to a point where you can even begin to make some sense of this volume of information?

And then how will you know for sure that the potential suppliers you select are capable of providing you the product you need, in the time frame and quality you need, at the price you need?

How do you know that they will do what they say they can do?

• We have the experience and expertise to walk into a factory and determine very quickly whether the operation is capable of delivering the product category you need at the price and in the time    frame you need it.
• We understand how the promotional products market works.
• We understand the need for creativity.
• We understand the technical aspects and limitations of various identification processes.
• We understand the absolute necessity for confidentiality.
• We are IN CHINA – continually, maintaining the relationships with our key suppliers to ensure you get what you need.

This is “what we do”. The “who we are” page will explain why we are equipped to do this job.